The Lake and stream

The lake was created in the nineteenth century and provided water to power the mill which once stood where the new houses have been built. The lake lost it use when the mill converted to coal power.

The alders between the lake and road have been coppiced to provide a clear view of the lake, and a viewing platform provides a raised view and easy access to feed the birds.

In 2015 an artificial floating island was installed in the hope it will provide a nesting site for smaller birds.

Mallards, coots, moorhens and british grebe are permanent residents on the lake. A lone swan has been an irregular visitor to the lake, Lucky visitors may sight the fleeting glimpse of a kingfisher or the casual flight of a heron.

Upstream from the lake steps lead down to a a path along the stream. Silt has been trapped in the sunken branches of fallen trees and this provides a safe haven for various wildlife. Reeds and marsh marigolds have begun to establish themselves in the silted areas and it will be interesting to watch how this area develops.

The stream path leads to steps and a bridge over the stream (resist playing Pooh sticks if you can!!). The path doubles back along the otherside of the stream and along the farside of the lake.This is a wide path with a steep wooded slope on one side and the lake on the other. Some trees have been coppiced to provide views of the lake while other trees lean into the water have been left to allow the birds to roost. On close inspection a coot's nest can be seen hidden in the branches.

The path continues to the end of the lake where it leads to steps and the upper woodland walk.