Walking from Plaxtol


Two maps have been provided.

The first map shows where Basted Mills Public Open Spaces is in relation to the local villages of Borough Green, Platt, Plaxtol and Ightham.

The second map is of Basted Mills Public Open Space showing the facilities and footpaths in the area.

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Walk from Plaxtol to Basted Mills Public Open Space 3   kms 1hr 15mins
This is a gentle walk in countryside and along country lanes. Some areas will be boggy in winter or after heavy rains. Sturdy trainers or walking boots recommended. Two walks are described from the Spoute and from Plaxtol church.
Directions from Plaxtol Spoute   metres
1 From the Street take Long Mill Lane towards Crouch.
2 Continue past Dux Hill and turn left into Dux Lane. 500
3 Turn right onto footpath at the right side of the houses. 100
4 The footpath continues straight across the field and into woods and onto Bourne Lane. 500
5 Turn right into the lane and look for a footpath on the left side. 250
Take this footpath and walk around the edge of the field to steps that lead down to Winfield Lane. These steps are easy to miss. If you can see the road on your left you need to back track. Turn left onto road.  
6 At this point you can take 2 routes    
Choice1. Take the public footpath opposite. This leads into a field. The footpath is straight and leaves the hedgerow. Look ahead and aim for the houses in the distance. The path leads behind a row of houses and comes onto Plough Hill by the pub. 500
Turn left down Plough hill to the bridge across the river Bourne
Choice 2. Continue down Winfield Lane across the river Bourne and turn right into the footpath which runs along the river.   100
Follow the footpath along the river until it joins the bottom of Plough Hill. 700
7 The two choices continue as follows
8 Continue along the road past Stone Barn House 100
9 Take the right fork and the lane will lead you to the lake at Basted Mills Public Open Space.
Alternatively you can take the left fork up the hill. This leads to the a small gate on the right which is the start of the woodland walk (signposted). 300


Directions from Plaxtol Church

1 Take Tree lane to Yopps Green. 250
2 Continue past Grange Hill to a track on right 100
3 The track passes Brookside Farm and across a stream into an orchard 300
4 Continue across the orchard to the far hedge, take stile through hedge and turn right into Winfield Lane 100
5 Down the hill on the left side there are the two routes which are described in 6 above. Remember you are approaching from the opposite direction. 100