Walking from Ightham


Two maps have been provided.

The first map shows where Basted Mills Public Open Spaces is in relation to the local villages of Borough Green, Platt, Plaxtol and Ightham.

The second map is of Basted Mills Public Open Space showing the facilities and footpaths in the area.

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Walk from Ightham to Basted Open spaces 3.5 kms 1hr 15mins
This is a gentle walk in countryside. Some areas will be boggy in winter or after heavy rains. Sturdy trainers or walking boots are recommended.
Directions metres
Car parking is behind the Ightham village hall (free at time of writing, Jan 2016)
From the carpark turn left and walk to A 227 Ightham / Tonbridge road. 50
Turn left and walk down the village high street to the War Memorial 100
Cross A227 and take Trycewell Lane to the junction with Busty lane 150
Take the footpath on the right. The signpost is hidden behind a 'Holly' tree. The footpath rises above Trycewell Oast between house gardens. The footpath continues into farmland. Leave this path by turning sharp right onto a wide footpath fenced on both sides. 200
Continue along this path till it meets Mill lane 400
Turn right into the lane and look for a footpath on the left side 100
Take this footpath and walk through the countryside keeping close to the fence on the right.
Continue up the hill until you see the Ightham cricket pitch
At this point you can take 2 routes
Choice1. The public footpath follows the perimeter of the cricket pitch bringing you back to the otherside of the cricket pavillion. Turn right to follow the fence (300)
Choice 2. (This is not on an official right of way). Carry on walking behind the cricket pavillion and join the public footpath 100
Either way the footpath continues along the fence and joins a tractor track where there is a farm building on the left.
Continue along this track to a pond. 100
Take the path to the left of the pond and continue to the track on left highlighted by waymark arrow. This is just before the gate and line of telephone wires. 300
Continue on this track with fence on right hand side, through Godden cottage garden and onto Crowhurst Lane 150
Take the access road opposite which leads to Bourne Valley House and continue to the stile. From here the path is not very clear. 200
Either:- bare right and follow the hedge on the right. Continue past a wide metal gate until you reach a stile.
Cross stile and turn left onto track that follows the stream.
Or:- Turn left and continue and turn right keeping woodland/scrub to your right.
Turn and follow woodland to a boundary fence.
Turn left at fence and walk to a stile on right hand side.
Cross stile and turn left onto the track that follows the stream.
Walk along track passing 5 houses on the left until you reach Plough Hill 600
Turn left into Mill Lane past Stone Barn house 100
Take the right fork and the lane will lead you to the lake at Basted Mill Public Open Space. 200
Alternatively you can take the left fork up the hill. This leads to the a small gate on the right. The start of the woodland walk (signposted). 400